Run a Background Check

Do you need background information on a potential employee? Do you want to know how much property your business partner owns? Or maybe you want to find out whether the person you're dating has a criminal record. If you want answers to these and other questions, then you've come to the right place. 



The company conducts online investigations of a person's criminal and personal history for employers, financial institutions, government agencies, spouses, and others who request this information. 

The costs for conducting the online background checks are reasonable. They charge a one-time fee for each investigation that you request. They do not bill monthly or offer any annual membership programs. 

What is a background check?
A background investigation is conducting a search of an individual's public and private life. The information obtained for a background check comes from public records of local, state and federal government agencies and courts. Every public transaction made by individuals is documented by a government agency, a court or a financial institution. For instance, when a person buys a house, the location of the real estate, the cost of the property, and the names and addresses of the buyers and sellers are recorded in the office of a county Registrar of Deeds. Another example is a person's driving history. A driver’s record is on file at a state Department of Motor Vehicle office. The public driving record will show how many point violations a person has accumulated, whether that person's license has previously been suspended or revoked, and whether that person has been arrested for drunken driving. 

The company has the ability to search massive databases to find information on individuals in a discreet way. This detailed information allows us to prepare a thorough and accurate report to our customers. The searches are in-depth or simple, it all depends on your request.

Why should you conduct a background check?
There are many reasons why a company or individual ask for this type of service. Most of those reasons have to do with employment, court proceedings or personal matters: 

1. Employment. Employers want to know about the character and work histories of potential hires. Having more information on an applicant can help an employer determine whether an individual would be a good fit for the company. School districts want to know whether potential teachers and staff have a criminal history of abuse or other felonies involving children since they will be working directly with students. Parents also ask for past histories on babysitters and full-time nannies who will care for children on a regular basis. Banks also look for criminal activity in applicants applying for jobs involving daily transactions with money. Hospitals scrutinize applicants who will have access to patients' personal information and health records in the course of their duties. Such information regarding patients must remain confidential. Hospital administrators use an applicant's information to determine whether the potential applicants can be trusted. In a related matter, adult children who hire home health care workers also request checks to make sure that the people caring for their parents have a solid background.

2. Court proceedings. Civil and criminal court records are rich with background information. For instance, divorce records contain information on the number of dependent children a couple has, and lists a couple's assets, debts, property owned and income earned, among other things. Probate court records detail whether a couple adopted children or became guardians over their parents or other relatives. Employers are most interested in finding out whether a person has a criminal background. Criminal court records offer information such as the type of crime a person committed, whether the charge was a misdemeanor or felony, whether the person was incarcerated or placed on probation, and the length of time a person served in prison. While most people do not want to bring up their criminal past, especially if they are applying for a job, court records will reveal what they would rather not discuss.

3. Personal matters. The media frequently reports stories about people getting scammed by investment brokers that they once trusted or accountants who embezzled their savings. Many times people rely on word-of-mouth or promotional material to determine a company's reputation instead of conducting their own background check before they do business with representatives of a company. In some instances, people are looking for business opportunities and want to partner with someone to operate a business. A background check of a potential business partner may find that the person has had a string of business failures. Doing a background check of someone who is selling a business may answer the main questions of why does this person want to get rid of his business and whether or not the business has been profitable. A budding romantic relationship is also not off limits when it comes to conducting a background check. The person you have fallen in love with may have a past criminal record of abuse or aggravated assault or have a history of divorces. What's worse, the person could still be married while dating you and raising your hopes of a having a long-term relationship. A background check will help you to realize that it is time to end the relationship and find someone else.

A background check on you
In the event that someone wants to conduct an investigation on you, make sure that you are aware of the company or individual doing the checking. If you have not recently applied for a job or discussed financial matters with your bank, be leery of anyone who wants to conduct a one on you. The person may be trying to steal your identity. Ask for their name and the company which they represent. If you feel uncomfortable about the situation, do not give the person permission to conduct a background investigation and do not give out any of your personal information or your Social Security Number. 

If you want to have one done, it is not necessary for you to hire a private investigator. They can provide all of the information that you need when you need it. You can get started on conducting your own background investigation now.